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  1. apostolo3

    apostolo3 New Member

    I got a Garminfone about a week ago. So far, I have been happy with Android 1.6. Could somebody tell me what are the advantages of Android 2.1? It's my first smart phone. I use it to download my Outlook calendar, to browse the web (read papers, check some game scores...) and to use all cool features (gas price, traffic and so on). It's been working pretty well; it downloads fast; no issues of freezing, as reported by some users. Why changing? Thanks for any suggestions!

  2. Almenik

    Almenik Member

    Will upgrading it change the interface to look like majority of android phones? I have just ordered this phone free from tmobile and am hoping if i upgrade to 2.1 it will have a similar interface as the optimus T.

    Sorry i cant really answer your question.. yet.
  3. apostolo3

    apostolo3 New Member

    You're going to love this phone! I am almost sure that the 2.1 update will change the interface. I am a bit anxious upgrading to 2.1. I read that somebody destroyed his phone by upgrading... Sorry I could not help more either
  4. Nodak62

    Nodak62 New Member

    I couldn't find out how, so I finally emailed Garmin (which have been very helpful to date).
    I had to reread the instructions 3 times, but I figured it out how to do the upgrade and no problems, phone was cool before, now it is super cool
  5. Almenik

    Almenik Member

    Finaly got my phone (it was on back order). After a quick look at the 1.6 interface i upgraded to 2.1. It makes it somewhat better!
  6. apostolo3

    apostolo3 New Member

    I am still with the 1.6. My computer could not recognize the UPDATE extension of the file and I cannot install it on my phone. Will wait a little longer. In the meantime, I would appreciate if people share their experiences.
  7. cognus

    cognus Well-Known Member

    so, it seems the implied answer to the OP is "there are none".
    ? right?
    did I miss anything?

    and, the downside is given no checks on the download file, no hash compares or any sort of integrity check, pretty easy for novices to brick the phone. rendering it worth about 3 bucks on ebay...:eek:
  8. walford

    walford Member

    Here's a link to Garmin's website detailing the differences between 1.6 and 2.1:

    OOPS, nevermind. Link doesn't work.

    Just go to Support and search for "android update." It'll tell you what it is and how to do it. I can't do it at work, but I plan to try it at home.

    (BTW, this is my first post. Hi, everybody! :D)
  9. rangerj

    rangerj New Member

    how do I get my garminfone to go back to OS 4.0.25 so I can use my 3g function on my phone?
  10. Medicine Man

    Medicine Man Member

    Actually, my Dad's Garminfone worked fine with Android 1.6, but when I installed Android 2.1, it positively FLEW! The Breeze interface is esay to use, and more intuitive than the Classic interface. Screen orientation is faster too, as well as app execution - I sometimes forget that the Garminfone's ARM CPU is only rated at 600 MHz, with this update! Even power comsumption seems to have improved - I get about 12-13 hours of moderate usage on a full charge. YES - it is DEFINITELY worth it to upgrade to Android 2.1 from 1.6.
  11. mastah_onlen

    mastah_onlen New Member

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