Why won't this play?(A couple other questions too)

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    Download VMARS2.fla Here is the file you can look at.

    i made it in flash obviously BUT i've made the size available for a phone but i was going to use eclipse to put it in form but I'm kind of lost since the as2 isn't working even in flash just as a flash.

    What i want to know is why is there no errors and why it wont work, how i can make it work and put it into a mobile app.

    It holds pictures that should zoom in and out of and videos.

    I'm not so sure about using eclipse since I'm thinking of trying to practice using corona too!
    I'm new to making android apps but I'm making this app for a group of people who are trying to get a movie that should come out anytime now.

    It's going to have fan made trailers in it with the people who created them credited for it,a photo gallery and then you can choose any of the photos for a background for your android phone.

    sound good?

    I just want to know why it won't play because it should play because i don't have any errors because i checked over all the as2 scripts..

    Also I'm not sure how I'm going to get flash working on eclipse if i do use eclipse since I know its possible to use eclipse.
    But this is my very first app and I'm surprised I've gotten this far.
    I also made a nonflash one just incase in eclipse if i can't get it to work but the nonflash one doesn't have a gallery in it or videos yet since i don't quite understand how to get those to work without using some kind of fla file first.

    Sorry if you don't understand what i'm trying to explain, i can try to explain further about what i'm trying to do and ask you about because i've had troubles on forums before where people don't understand what i say, I'm being as detailed as i can though with this question.. :0

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    gonna move this to the developer section. We have some very knowledgeable users in there (and most places):)
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