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  1. ginjiamano

    ginjiamano New Member

    Please help me, I can't download softwares, browse freely through the net nor do any other wi-fi related stuffs because I always get a limited connectivity connections with any wi-fi's I try to connect my SE Xperia Neo to. Any ideas what I got my settings wrong with, or whatever?

    Thank you very much! Your replies are greatly appreciated.


  2. fzwlyj

    fzwlyj New Member

    I must to tell you. Neo always have a problem with it's wifi,not only you. I guess it will be ok in android 4.0 sandwish. My english is not well,in fact i'm learning it,so please bear with my syntax error.
  3. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    If you always get limited connectivity and have tried several WIFI net then it might be an issue with the software on your phone. I'd suggest you to run the Repair Phone option on the PC Companion that you can download from the Sony Ericsson website.
  4. pzw

    pzw Member

    This problem seems to be an interoperability issue between Draft N and Standard N, devices and routers. Had this problem this morning; the only way I could resolve it was to switch from a Standard N router, to an older Draft N router I had laying around.

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