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  1. Baz8755

    Baz8755 Well-Known Member

    I have an HTC Magic running 2.2.1 Andriod.

    All appears fine except that the Wi-Fi will drop every couple of minutes.

    The symbol on the status bar will be showing and all will be fine and then it will disappear and re-appear and my browser will lose connectivity.

    It does not matter if I am right next to the router or in the other room it still does the same and all my other Wi-Fi devices are not having problems.

    I am not sure if this problem existed before the 2.2.1 upgrade.


  2. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

    Is it possible it is a weak wifi signal?
    Other devices are more likely to stay connected, because that's all they do.
    But your android phone will always try to find the strongest signal, and if it's very weak, it might try to switch back to 3g.
  3. Baz8755

    Baz8755 Well-Known Member

    Checking Wi-Fi analyser on both my Desire and the Magic side by side both phones claim to have the same signal strength. The magic cannot fall back to APN as I have disabled it.

    I am almost certain the 2.2.1 upgrade has done something to this as I cannot even browse the market without it disconnecting.

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