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  1. Swaq

    Swaq Member

    I have a HTC Sensation Z710e running ICS (don

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  2. cassianotartari

    cassianotartari New Member

    any news? I am with the same problem, I've tried different roms, patchs, delete wpa_supplicant,... everything that I read on the web. NOTHING worked !

    maybe it is a hardware issue, I've open my phone to see if it is something visually wrong but nothing again... I'm truly thinking in 2 possibilities:

    1st) ebay Black-Aerial-WiFi-Antenna-Wire-Reception-Replacement-Fix-Tools-For-HTC-Sensation

    2nd) ebay Flex-Cable-Ribbon-Repair-Handsfree-Jack-Power-Key-Pcb-Repair-HTC-Sensation

    can't post links :/
  3. Swaq

    Swaq Member

    Since my previous post, bluetooth has now also stopped working. It can still switch on bluetooth and show the rune stone "B" icon in the statusbar, but cannot connect to any of the previously used devices (headset, hands-free and PC). Other devices cannot see the phone via bluetooth, even if the "Make phone visible for 2 mins." is switched on.

    I contacted HTC Support and they concluded that when a factory reset has been carried out and as both Wi-Fi and bluetooth are affected, it is probably a defective radio unit or antenne as Wi-Fi and bluetooth share these.

    I have now started the RMA process with the shop where I bought the phone. If I remember, I will give an update later.
  4. cassianotartari

    cassianotartari New Member

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  5. Swaq

    Swaq Member

    I'll do my best to remember to post info on the outcome :)

    According to Danish consumer rights, the shop can either choose to repair the phone, to replace the phone or to give me my money back. If they choose to repair, I'll see if I can get info about what they've done to fix it.
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  6. cassianotartari

    cassianotartari New Member

    Mark the "Notification Type:" to "instant email notification" !
  7. highmaan81

    highmaan81 New Member

    Hi Swaq...I've been hunting around online for someone who has been having the same problem I've been having for DAYS & I'm glad I have finally found someone, I actually signed up here just to talk to you & cassianotartari!...hopefully now I'll get some answers!
    I have a sour story as well, I actually live in the caribbean Trinidad & Tobago to be exact & I've never owned a smartphone before, after a few weeks of research I bought a brand new unlocked Htc Vivid / Raider (the Raider is the canadian version of the Vivid I got that one cause it had no carrier logo) from a seller on Ebay.
    My sis from Washington visited on xmas day & brought it for me & on the 26th I began using it. Smh I literally only had wifi for less than an hour & then POOF it was gone! My problems started when my connection dropped & by accident & I pushed "Forget" instead of "Cancel" I immediately lost my connection & could no longer get on to my router, after trying to get it back for severel minutes & failing I decided to put the phone down & do something else, about an hour after I picked it up & tried to connect & JUST like you guys all I kept seeing was "Turning Wi-Fi on..." & then "Error" I didn't even get to use my phone for a full hour when this happened!
    I'm not a big tech guy so I dropped it off by a friend who informed me that after "rooting" the phone (which I'm just discovering has voided my 30 day warranty!) & installing 3 custom ROMS there is still no wifi...another friend of mine told me that he thinks I need to go online & source a new "wifi flex cable" because it seems as if mine isn't working!
    Is this a hardware issue or a software issue??? Smh I think I'm literally feeling myself turning grey at this point! I NEED a solution...me not having wifi on this phone after I paid $289.77 U.S for it (almost $1900 here!) is NOT an option!
    I hope this thread hasn't gone dead...I'm hoping I have found the light at the end of the tunnel...please give me some HELP here!
  8. Swaq

    Swaq Member

    Hi cassianotartari and highmaan81,

    Hereby an updated status. Unfortunately, it is not very useful for you.

    The phone was sent to the shop where I bought it. In their RMA terms, they state that you should only send the phone, cover and battery, no SIM-card, SD-card, cover, charger etc.
    After they had confirmed that it had not been misused, rooted, in contact with water etc. etc., they sent it of to the nearest HTC repair shop. I am based in Denmark (and so is the shop) and I think it was shipped to Germany (based on the shipping labels when it was returned). This only took a couple of days and I was informed that the repair normally takes 1-3 weeks.
    After exactly 3 weeks in the hands of HTC, I got an email that it had been repaired and was shipped to me. A few days later I eagerly opened the parcel to see the content. I could immidiately see that the screen had been replaced (I had a few scratches and a dust-leak between the digitiser and the screen). The cover (with a name tag on the inside) and battery were the original. A closer look revealed that the complete "phone"-part must have been replaced (or ridicilously thoroughly cleaned). Serial no., IMEI no. etc. is the same as on the old phone. The delivery note did not contain any information about what they had done to the phone.

    As you can see, I am not able to point you in any useful direction in regards to where or what to target first in your problem solving. As none of you have any warranty, the best bet on where to start must be a balance between:
    1) Probability of being the root cause
    2) Price for spare parts
    3) Risk of damaging even more during the repair
    Both of you have mentioned a flexible cable as a possible place to start and I think this scores high on both 1) and 2). However be aware of 3)!
    The way this fail has developed for the three of us, it could very well be a cable error or a problem with the connector for the cable. I have repaired quite a few flexble cables on different Nintendo DS Light, as the cable to the upper screen often becomes defective. These cables are quite delicate to handle, but I find the real challenge being the connectors - both avoiding breaking them when opening them and disconnecting the old cable and also getting the new cable connected properly.

    Good luck on solving your problems. I hope you will keep this thread alive for sharing your experiences.

    BR and a happy new year,
  9. sunaina

    sunaina New Member

  10. cassianotartari

    cassianotartari New Member

    I gave up! I Tried a lot of software/configuration possibilities, I'm almost convinced that is a hardware issue. I'm surving just using the mobile network
  11. Swaq

    Swaq Member

    See my post above for suggestions. As HTC replaced my complete phone to fix this issue, I agree with cassianotartari that it is hardware related. I think the idea regarding the fault being in a flex cable sounds plausible.
  12. brogdog

    brogdog New Member

    I had the same issue and eventually worked out that it was hardware related. I got a quote to fix it for around $100 aussie dollars but instead I had a play around and worked out the issue myself.

    The issue was that the back cover acts as the antenna and there are some metal points that connect the cover to the phone. I just had to bend these metal points a bit with a pen so the cover would connect with these and the issue was solved.

    I have dropped my phone about a million times and to this phones credit it keeps going. Android and HTC are awesome!!! iPhones suck :D
  13. rickb928

    rickb928 New Member

    My Sensation was dropped from 6 ft, and before fixing the screen it lost WiFi, Bluetooth, AND FM radio.

    Since then, I've tried everything. Pressing the back cover where the rear speaker is help, but WiFi was essentially dead.

    This is assumed to be the single chip that is radio for all three of these services.

    Since then, I saw a link where someone pulled the PCB/flex cable out and reflowed solder in the oven - something like 200F for 20 mins. Since then, mine went for a swim in the pool and turned the stickers red, so I'll pull it apart and try the oven trick.

    This oven thing is not new, my Asus notebook has a nVidia video card in it know to overheat and break solder joints. Baking it is a known fix.

    I do NOT recommend this, btw, but I don't care, I'm up for renewal and an HTC ONE is my next phone. Probably.
  14. fienamie

    fienamie New Member

    My phone just had this problem. Fiddling around with the wifi antenna wire and the connector seems to solve the problem.

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