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  1. Sashraan

    Sashraan New Member

    I'm completely new to the smartphone/android buisness, as this is my first smartphone ever. I'm a bit of a computer guy, so I know how to work things around on a computer, but with my Galaxy Mini it's a whole different story.

    Here's the thing, Back at my parent's house, I get instant access to their wi-fi network and, after entering the password, I can surf the net instantly, but back at my house, the Mini just keeps searching and searching to no avail, no wi-fi networks appear under the 'Network Notification' option, where wi-fi networks usually appear. I cannot see the neighbors nor my own network, thus, I can't connect to any of them.

    The question here is;
    Is my Galaxy Mini unable to see un-broadcasted (hidden) SSIDs?
    If so, is there a workaround to it?

    I've tried these steps :
    - Manually connecting to the network, by entering the SSID and Password correctly.
    [ All this does is show me a network under the 'Network Notification' option, but it says "Out of Range, Protected by WPA/WPA2 PSK". I know for a fact that I am NOT out of range, since I am straight next to the router. :s: ]

    - Hard-reset (Pulling the battery out while the phone is on)
    [It indeed reset the phone, only to return with the same problems. :eviltongue:]

    - Turning wi-fi off and back on.
    [To no avail :eviltongue:]

    - Writing a post on this forum, hoping some android/galaxy mini pro can answer me. :D

    Hopefully this will get sorted out soon, because I am totally hyped about the phone, it being my first and such! :p

    Best regards!

  2. Sashraan

    Sashraan New Member

    Little update!
    I just tried re-booting the router (Un-plug for 20 seconds, re-plug.) and magically; Poof! The network popped up!

    This solved it for me, but it's in my home, and it's my router so I can reboot it as wanted, a fix to PUBLIC occurances of this bug should clearly be worked on!!

    If anyone can contact one of the 'higher-ups' about this issue, Android would be getting a boost, as it seems to be Android and not the Phone itself that caused the problem.

    Consider this case solved, but I'll keep you updated if it messes up again!

    Thanks for nothing, but the rest of the forum was useful. :p


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