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  1. michy9

    michy9 Member

    Hey Guys, I can not connect wi-fi and keep getting a "unable to scan for networks" message, After some googling, i came up with a solution to adb shell and delete a data file ( http://androidforums.com/samsung-moment/46179-unable-scan-networks.html ). I've only rooted via Gingerbreak and am perplexed as this is a new phone, I really don't feel as if I should have to put this much effort into it. This, plus the blue tint on the screen makes me happy I kept my receipt. Anyone else having WIFI problems and have a suggestion? Thanks.

  2. cutterjohn

    cutterjohn Well-Known Member

    Nope. Did WiFi ever work for you? Did it work after your "fix"?

    If not you'd better swap it as you got a lemon.
  3. michy9

    michy9 Member

    Yeah, should have added that it used to work as it could detect several access networks aroind me and connect automatically to mine. Now it cant see any network as none appear while scanning. Prob a crapshoot but think its Gingerbreak?

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