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Wi-Fi Notification screen plagueSupport

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  1. countryman

    countryman Active Member

    Has anyone found a fix to stop the damn Wi-Fi Notification Screen from continually popping up and overlaying whatever screen you are working on?

    Despite one flagging the Notifications to be Off. Makes the phone virtually unusable for on-screen work in some locations.

  2. clutton86

    clutton86 Active Member

    Why don't you just turn wifi off when not using it
  3. I think turning wifi off when you go out is the only thing you can do about this. I have it as well. Really annoying when you're out and trying to answer/end calls. If I'm out for a considerable amount of time I just turn it off. It's not ideal but it's all I can do.

    Fingers crossed for a fix in JB.
  4. countryman

    countryman Active Member

    Since I use wifi if I am out and about then turning it off is not a practical solution although I am sure my network provider would love me to spend
  5. Do you not have any data allowance? I thought the problem was the annoying wifi pop-up, not having to use your 3G?

    I know turning wifi off isn't very practical, but it's the only solution I'm aware of so far. It seems we'll either have to put up with it or turn wifi on and off. It's not much effort anyway, just swipe down then tap wifi.

    Samsung probably don't have this at the top of their priorities, what with it being such a small problem - there's bugs on all phones. And I wouldn't get so wound up about it - it's only a minor thing. My last phone took minutes to get a GPS fix. I assure you that is far, far more annoying!

    Like I said, we'll find out if it's fixed in Jelly Bean which, allegedly, is only a few weeks away. If you're really that bothered about it, flash a new rom.
  6. countryman

    countryman Active Member

    All annoyances are relative...a point that I think you are missing. For me, who rarely uses GPS, a five minute fix wouldn't bug me. But where I live/go, 3G coverage is poor. If I am sitting inside a shop that offers, for example, wi-fi then why not use it? The chances of a 3G signal inside are slim. So it's down to 2G and that is useless.

    But because one is surrounded by wi-fi ...that comes and goes ...so does that bloody pop-up screen.
  7. clutton86

    clutton86 Active Member

    You could move house to somewhere with better 3g lol sorry only joking, like the other guy said Samsung prob ain't 2 bothered, have u considered flashing a new ROM that would pro fix it
  8. countryman

    countryman Active Member

    Flash a new ROM? How would that work? Are you saying that there is a better version of firmware out there somewhere?
  9. clutton86

    clutton86 Active Member

    It would involve rooting I haven't tried it on this phone did it alot on my old xperia play was really easy the guys on xda should be able to help
  10. Alright countryman, keep your hair on, I'm only trying to help! You said about your network wanting to make money off you originally, not that you don't get good 3G coverage, which is why I said to turn wifi on and off. As I've said twice already, that seems to be the only solution at the moment - unless you flash a new ROM.

    Look in the rooting subforum to see how to root. I'm sure I've seen somethign on here about how to flash JB ROMs, though I've never bothered with it myself. I'll just wait for the official release. You can get JB now if you want, or there might be some tweaked versions of Gingerbread knocking around. Search the forum and XDA. Rooting might void your warranty though.
  11. leyli

    leyli New Member

    I have abig proble, with my phone. When i tap the WiFi above my phone it finds and connects the network but when I go to Internet it writes the networl not available and I cant use it. plz help me
  12. martinisok

    martinisok Member

    I've installed Tasker to solve this problem when I'm away from home it switches wifi off.

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