Wi-Fi Tether/Hotspot connectivity issues

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  1. luckaloo

    luckaloo New Member


    I just got a ZTE Force a few days ago and I rooted it. Sadly I haven't been able to flash a custom recovery because I can't find a working one. That is not the reason for this post, I'm posting because when I begin broadcasting as a wireless hotspot via Wifi Tether for Root Users my laptop picks up the signal but only connects at limited connectivity. Is there anyway to fix this?

    It does the same thing on my Acer A200 also. This was one of the major reasons why I wanted to root, so I could tether wirelessly. FoxFi and PdaNet didn't work before root. PdaNet Tablet connects via bluetooth on the A200 but does not do so via wifi. Wi-Fi Tether for Root Users also will not connect, only showing the limited availability.

    Please help!

  2. luckaloo

    luckaloo New Member

    I am able to connect with PdaNet via USB on my laptop but not on my tablet. If I could find a way to tether to the A200 with USB I would be happy as a VPN tether does not allow me to access several apps such as Google Play and Gmail. These things and others are necessities.
  3. jimsmith80

    jimsmith80 Well-Known Member

    All Wi-Fi tether apps create an adhoc connection which ironically android cannot connect to. The only way to tether your tablet to your phone would be through infrastructure Wi-Fi tethering which would be built into you phones rom. Unfortunately no one has figured out how to do this on ´╗┐the force yet.
  4. mrklotzner

    mrklotzner Active Member

    Do you have your settings set right? I have had similar problems as you are experienceing but once i set the settings correctly it worked like a charm you want to go in to the wifi tether settings and change these to what is written here
    to get in to the settings launch the wifi tether once it opens hit your menu button on the bottom right of the phone and go in to settings
    steps to follow
    Dev profile: Generic ICS/JB (wlan0)

    Setup method: Netd-Ndc (master)

    scroll down main settings menu and make sure all of the following are checked
    Routing fix
    if option is there Wifi-Driver reload
    and also if it is there the MMS Clamping
    once all that is set back out reboot phone and it should work I hope this helps you out keep in mind the MMS Clamping and the Wifi driver reload may or may not be on the version you are using

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