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  1. trebor7

    trebor7 Member

    Now that we have root for the Rise, is it possible to use it for tethering? If so, what tethering apps are the best, as in causing the least problems?

  2. jmz

    jmz Well-Known Member

    Wifi tether for Root users is usually a safe bet. Might have to play with some settings on it to get it to work right...
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  3. NumberXV

    NumberXV Well-Known Member

    Get Wifi Tether For Root User

    Open the app and go to settings
    Change device profiles to Generic ICS/JB (wlan0)
    Click on routing fix

    You should now have WiFi Tether.. add a pass code if you want

    (Credit goes to howlofdawn I'm just posting this up)
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  4. mjkinneyx

    mjkinneyx Member

    I use Barnacle, it seems faster than WiFi Tether and doesn't lose connection as much.
  5. joshua8790

    joshua8790 Well-Known Member

    I used to use barnacle until I had the evo... barnacle didn't like the Evo, but wifi tether worked the best.

    wifi tether is what I used on the Rise, and it works nicely.
  6. rwperkinsjr

    rwperkinsjr Member

    I use WiFi Tether for Root Users, it works great.
  7. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    If it's on Virgin it amounts to an exercise in frustration considering the abysmally slow 3G speeds.
  8. edtrud

    edtrud Member

    I can't even use any root features! Its telling me to get supersu pro? Its blocking all the wifi tethering
  9. dustinmerk

    dustinmerk New Member

    i need some help i tried changing the profile to generic ics/jb (wlan0) and turned on routing fix but it just keeps loading and nothing works im using the kyocera rise vm 4.0.4 the device is rooted but its doing nothing any other opinions on what to do in the settings or another app to use?
  10. dustinmerk

    dustinmerk New Member

    What settings are you using on the barnacle I can't get it to work on my krocera rise from vm?

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