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Wi-Fi VOIP / SIP / SMS / MMS, Help Please!Support

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  1. tommytelephony

    tommytelephony New Member

    Ok so I have been obsessively researching and trying to figure out a way to use a T-Mobile Motorola Cliq XT (not activated, but with a SIM card in it) to make free VOIP/SIP calls and send/receive free SMS/MMS messages via Wi-Fi. I am able to use the internet browser and web apps through Wi-Fi already, I just need help with the proper combination of apps, etc. and proper configuration to work. I have found endless tutorials with different combinations of apps and settings, but none of them are remotely easy to set up and I haven't had any luck as of yet. I have a Google Voice acct, Gizmo 5, Sipgate, Fring, Sipdroid app installed on phone, Pbxes.com acct, Skype, Google Talk and many more telephony related accts and numbers. What is the easiest way to achieve my goal that actually functions well? Please any help would be appreciated...I am driving myself crazy with this lol :eek:

  2. Nintendo1889

    Nintendo1889 Well-Known Member

    whistle phone has a sip support.
  3. mhoyt77

    mhoyt77 New Member

    whistle is not available for android
  4. stupidbot

    stupidbot New Member

    easiest thing to do is use google voice and GrovIP app (or other there are many now) to receive calls. Also, you can buy a voip number with minutes and plug it in under settings>Call>Accounts because Android supports Voip now. You can even forward your google voice to the voip number like a mobile number.

    I did this and got a mobile hotspot to save moola$$

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