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  1. WorldBuilder

    WorldBuilder Active Member

    Hi all,

    So I'm reading that my precious R2D2 here will connect to a wireless network, such as the one in my house. Cool... So let's say I go home tonight, whip out R2, and configure him to connect to my WLAN. Here are my questions...

    • Once configured, does connecting to it kill/suspend the regular VZW data connection?
    • If so, will that return if I disconnect from the W-Fi-or in another way get out of range of the it?
    • If not, how does the phone know when to use which connection?
    • In a nutshell... How does the phone handle multiple data connections, and what do I need to know to handle it?


  2. BobD

    BobD Member

    I'm not an expert by any means, but I do exactly what you are describing. I use Locale to dedect when I am home. It will then turn on wifi and connect to my home network. 3G does get turned off, or at least the 3G icon doesn't show up any more. Then when I leave the house Locale turns off wifi and 3G automatically kicks in.

    I found the spead to be quicker this way and some claim that it helps on battery. Since I was having a lot of issues with battery until yesterday I can't make any claims about that.
  3. Ascotthowe

    Ascotthowe Member

    I have used wireless a few times, and when I do the 3G icon is no longer there, rather the wireless network icon is. So I'm assuming that for data is transferred through your wireless. (webpages, marketplace, etc)

    When I disconnect, the 3g icon reappears.

    Idk if that will help or not, it's fairly straightforward all you have to do is connect to wireless or disconnect from wireless.
  4. WorldBuilder

    WorldBuilder Active Member

    So I will have to manually connect and disconnect each time? It's not automatic? If that's true, it seems reasonable. Get home, whip out R2, turn on wi-fi. Leave home, whip out R2, turn off wi-fi...
  5. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    It's automatic and really easy. The phone will remember your home connection. If you can, try and set your wireless router to use WPA 2.encryption. WEP is crap.

  6. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Answers below in RED.

  7. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Yea ... forgot to add. I turn OFF the wireless on my DROID when I am nowhere near a WAP (wireless access point). This saves on battery. I do the same for the GPS receiver. Install the power control widget on your desktop and you're golden.
  8. BobD

    BobD Member

    So if I understand this correctly I don't need locale to let Droid know when to connect to my home network? It will just know when I get home that it shoud connect?
  9. WorldBuilder

    WorldBuilder Active Member

    BobD, that's a good question. Messenger, do you know?

    Also, the "power control widget" you mention. Is that built-in or do I have to get it from Marketplace? And if so, what's it called specifically so I can find it in there?

    Thanks! Droid... Android... You guys in this forum... All rock!

  10. BobD

    BobD Member

    For the power widget, just long press anywhere on the screen and then select widgets. You should see it there for selecting.
  11. WorldBuilder

    WorldBuilder Active Member

    Got it, nice. OK, so what do these icons mean? Some are obvious, but indulge me... Do we all see the same thing? 5 icons...

    Starting on the left, I assume this one is for Wi-Fi. On/Off. That simple?
    To the right of that, Bluetooth. On/Off. Simple as that?
    What's this one in the middle? 3G? I turned it off to test, but nothing seemed to happen...
    The next one is sync, I believe... What's with that?
    Finally, on the far right is brightness. Pretty basic.

  12. BobD

    BobD Member

    You got them correct. The one your missing is GPS.
  13. WorldBuilder

    WorldBuilder Active Member

    So each of these merely turns that particular service on or off? If that's true, why did 3G stay on (seemingly) after turning it off? Same with sync?
  14. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    The power control does not turn on/off 3G. Only the wireless card - Bluetooth - GPS receiver - Sync - Brightness control.

    3G will toggle on/off by itself ... unless you dig through the settings and disable it altogether (but why would anyone do that?).
  15. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    As long as your wireless card is enabled, once you have a network setup, your DROID should automatically connect to it every time it sees it. When I go home, all I do is enable my wireless on the control widget, my 3G shuts off, and my WiFi connection is established.
  16. WorldBuilder

    WorldBuilder Active Member

    OK, I'm going to do some serious Droid-Playin' this weekend, the first full weekend of ownership. My God, this thing is cool... Skynet, here we come!
  17. WorldBuilder

    WorldBuilder Active Member


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