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Wi-fi won't shut down when put into sleep mode.Support

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  1. Netcat

    Netcat Well-Known Member

    So I went into the advanced wi-fi settings and set the wi-fi to NEVER stay on during sleep. Then I went back to my home screen and tapped the power button to put it to sleep. The wi-fi should have disconnected. Then I tested it by sending it an email from another computer. I should NOT have received it because the wi-fi should be off when it is asleep. But I still got/heard the email notification while it is sleeping indicating the wi-fi is on. Even after 15 minutes of being "asleep".

    Can someone else please try this to verify that their wi-fi is shutting down during sleep (if it is set to do so in wi-fi advance settings).

    Thanks ahead of time!

  2. jjrx3

    jjrx3 Well-Known Member

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  3. Netcat

    Netcat Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip. I might give that a try but since that function is built into JB, it should work when it's set. I wonder if all the N7's are like that?

    update: I tried the wifi timeout software and it works just fine and almost no permissions too :)

    I was thinking... if I have apps and widgets that constantly update over the internet in the background, is it better to leave the wifi on and let them update when they feel like it, or if I turn off the wifi for a while when in sleep mode, when I turn it back on will it cause a bottleneck of data coming in and maybe slow it down for a bit? I'll try this for a while and see. Thanks again!
  4. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    I have mine set to only stay on when plugged in and I have verified that it does work. I use an app called Fing on all my Android devices. It shows my local network and which devices are on there. I used my phone to watch my network and did see my Nexus 7 going offline when it went to sleep (a few minutes after the screen went off).
  5. Groid

    Groid Well-Known Member

    I have my wi-fi set to always stay on. Overnight my battery went down by 2%. I don't think there is much, if any, penalty for keeping it on unless you have constant, multiple app syncing going on. I have most everything set for manual syncing.
  6. Netcat

    Netcat Well-Known Member

    I think you're right. Leaving the wi-fi on all the time doesn't seem to make much of a difference in my battery life. Using CPU Spy, I can see that the N7 goes into "Deep Sleep" when I tap the power button, even with the wi-fi on.

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