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  1. jjvw

    jjvw Member

    I have been using my commando to upload pics to facebook while on vacation. Our lastest camp spot has no cell service but does have wifi. I turned on wifi on and I can get email, browse the web and read face book on wifi but can't send email or upload. It keeps looking for G3 to send and of course can't find any. Is there a setting I missed that will make it send over wifi instead of G3?

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hi jjvw. Welcome to AF btw. I don't know of any setting that you would have to set to upload differently on 3g or wifi. There might be some filter/cap on the free wifi limiting your uploads... just a thought. I wish I had more to offer. Perhaps another member will have something to contribute.
  3. jjvw

    jjvw Member

    Thats not it. My wife can do it on her verizon motorola droid 2. I asked a local Verizon store and they couldn't answer it either.
  4. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    My only other offering would be to suggest pulling the battery out and then reinserting it. That will force a hard reboot and perhaps clear the problem.
  5. jjvw

    jjvw Member

    the verizon guy did a battery pull and update. Still does not work. I think it's conflicting settings somewhere
  6. space wrangler

    space wrangler Well-Known Member

    Have you tried turning 3G off or putting the phone in airplane mode?
  7. LimitedRelease

    LimitedRelease Well-Known Member

    I was not aware of this limitation on this phone for facebook. however for messaging uploads this is a known limitation.

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