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  1. kjjb0204

    kjjb0204 Well-Known Member

    Out of about 900 contacts, only 30 are personal with photos. Is there an app or widget that would allow me to see contacts without a photo placeholder? One of the widgets I love is the favorites people widget, but I can't stand that it has photo placeholders. Of my 800+ business contacts, none have photos so I'm staring at a page of grey faceless dudes.

  2. FramCire

    FramCire Well-Known Member

    I think acontacts or mecontacts will do that.

    I didnt like either of them very much, but I like pictures
  3. kjjb0204

    kjjb0204 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, looked at both, neither really does what I want.
  4. kjjb0204

    kjjb0204 Well-Known Member

    Found a little work around. After marking some contacts as favorites I put the starred folder on my hiomepage and that lists those favorites in a standard list form with no photos.
  5. bobmac1547

    bobmac1547 New Member

    Did you ever find a contacts widget where you don't have to display photos or placeholders? That's what I'm looking for. HTC Inspire
  6. bobmac1547

    bobmac1547 New Member

    What starred folder and how did you get it on your homepage?

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