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  1. Snacko

    Snacko New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 16, 2010
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    Widget has been Installing for 12 hours!? :mad:

    I am a noob to these new phones, but a software developer/pc builder. I just got my Droid HTC Incredible 3 days ago and this morning selected the Dice and Coin Flip widgets to download. They took about 5 minutes to download, and have been 'Installing' on the device for over 12 hours!!!!

    I did a search on the net and found some suggestions:

    Go to Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/Download Manager and Clear the Data and Cache. I did clear the Data but the Clear Cache button was greyed out. Then it said to shutdown the device and remove the battery for 30 seconds.

    This did nothing. I still have the problem. :mad:

    2) Another post said to always do a Factory Reset when you get a new device (this would have been good to know 3 days ago) and when you install new OS version.

    If I do a Factory Reset:
    Will I loose my phone setup with Verizon? Or will the phone still work after reset?

    Will I loose everything else? Mail? Contacts? Theme setups? Bookmarks?

    They also said to 'Backup' your device before the reset? Do they just mean the Backup Assistant (which I believe only does the Contacts), or is there another way to backup all your settings before I get crazy and do this just to fix the stupid Dice Widget? :thinking:

    Argg.... Thanks for any help!! :D



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