Widget just for gmail msg, and one for SMS

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  1. mptpro

    mptpro Member

    Hi I just got the Cliq XT and like it thus far.

    I'm learning how to use it and set up all my social networking, and I have a question....

    Is there a widget that displays the recent inbox emails in my Gmail, similar to the "Happenings" widget?

    And one for TXT/SMS messages?

    While we're at at, one for Google Voice?

    And for Google Chat?

    I would rather have these seperate than a combined one.


  2. shawnpeck

    shawnpeck Well-Known Member

    All those things have their own icon. You can search the market to buy a gmail widget.
  3. mptpro

    mptpro Member

    Thanks for the response.

    However, I do not mean just an icon, I already have those on my desktop. I mean a widget that displays the recent messages in those services, the way the "Happenings" widget does.

  4. shawnpeck

    shawnpeck Well-Known Member

    Well, I made two Happenings Widgets on my screen but I don't see a way to make each one stream a different feed. Sorry.

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