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  1. samham00

    samham00 Member


    I am introducing here my new android widget:
    SnackShot Battery Widget

    It's a home screen widget that displays the battery level in a snacky way.
    SnackShot allows you to take a camera snapshot of a friend or yourslef having your favorite virtual snack from a list of snacks.
    The snackshot will then show in home screen and the snack will be your battery indicator by being emptied according to the device's battery level.
    The widget allows access to all battery information like battery status, temperature, health, voltage.
    It shows also the time you plugged or unplugged the charger, the percentage when the battery started charging or discharging

    Below are some screenshots
    Let me know what you think



  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    I wanted to try this. Any idea why the market says, "This app is incompatible with your Virgin Mobile LGE LG-VM670" ?:confused:
  3. samham00

    samham00 Member

    Hi Atmazzz,
    Thanks for trying to install it, I am not sure why it's not compatible with your device, could be the android version as it only supports android 2.1 and above
    (Because i am using some camera features not available in previous android versions)
    If this is not the issue could you post some software/hardware details of your device (under settings->about phone) so I try to find out what could be the issue?


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