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  1. fubaya

    fubaya Member

    I have scripts that download things every hour and would like to have them displayed automatically in a widget and have the widget refresh every hour. I couldn't find anything in the market that would simply display a file, let alone refresh.

    That's the general idea, here's some brainstorming:

    Should have a transparent option, I hate most non-transparent widgets.

    It should be able to display any text file on /sdcard but might as well make it work for any location for rooted users.

    Instead of coding a battery draining scheduler for the refresh, I suppose it wouldn't hurt if the refresh was handled only by an intent. Tasker and Locale are the only ways I know of to change a file on a schedule, so there's probably not many other people who will have a use for the refresh and anyone with Tasker/Locale should be able to figure it out and schedule the update through those.

  2. rzabcio

    rzabcio New Member

    I know, old topic, but maybe somebody find some idea?
    I cannot find anything like that...
  3. cr5315

    cr5315 Well-Known Member Developer

    I've been looking for an idea for my first widget. I'll look into making this happen.
  4. Metric

    Metric New Member

    Even though this is my first post, I have been lurking for quite a while.

    Now to the point, over the past week or so I have been working on a widget that will do just this.

    So far everything is working on the virtual device, but I will need some real testers soon.

    Current features:

    • Widget can be resized with a launcher to display more text at a time.
    • Widget has two buttons to scroll up and down. However, the scroll is based on the individual lines / paragraphs.
    • Widget reads in the file only every 30 minutes / first time load of widget and then caches the file contents for scrolling.
    • Widget has a selection between black backing / transparent, and black text / white text.
    • On widget configuration, the configuration searches the device and sdcard for available compatible text files.
    • Widget can read in .txt, .docx, and .pdf. Future release will hopefully be able to just extract the text from an .rtf file also. Note: any images / tables in the docx and pdf are discarded. Only the text is extracted from them. PDF text extraction isn't perfect, but will suffice.
    • There can be more than 1 version of the widget active. Want to view 2 different files? No problem, just add another widget and select a different file to view. Each widget operates independently of one another. Meaning the contents and scrolling does not affect the other.
    I am hoping to complete it by next week, and get it out for testing. It currently is only lacking some code optimizations that are pointed out in the android design documentation.
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  5. Saney

    Saney New Member

    That's exactly what I'm looking for. I'm switching from google to a text-based calendar and would sync my calendar with dropbox. Then I could display it (after parsing the file, but I think this won't be too hard). Please keep us up to date.
  6. Metric

    Metric New Member

  7. Metric

    Metric New Member

    The widget is now on the android market for free, but with ads. The ads are only in the configuration screen.

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