widget to toggle tasker on/off

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  1. mystery66

    mystery66 Member

    Want to create a widget what will toggle tasker as whole not just a profile. Disable is easy. How do I launch tasker with it enabled ?

  2. wmarkhay

    wmarkhay New Member

    great idea... if you do it, I will partake, assuming I can get my phone working after I inadverdantly removed the default lockscreen and effectively bricked my phone (HTC Sensation 4G)....
  3. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    You're going to have to add multiple profiles as toggle to the task.

    So in your task:

    Tasker > Profile Status > Profile 1 > Toggle
    Tasker > Profile Status > Profile 2 > Toggle
    Tasker > Profile Status > Profile 3 > Toggle

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