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  1. kingnut

    kingnut Well-Known Member

    There is absolutely no info on the web about this. It would seem to me to be the future for broadcasting video and audio from smart phones to flat screen displays. I would much rather be able to sit on the couch and stream media than have to stand near my TV with the HDMI cable.

  2. amageus

    amageus Well-Known Member

    Would this be similar to Apple's Airplay? I know my brother can stream his iPhone to his AppleTV.
  3. SirEagle

    SirEagle Well-Known Member

    Buy a longer HDMI cable. ;)
  4. kingnut

    kingnut Well-Known Member

    yeah basically all the new intel chipset laptops are coming with WIDI. so with a WIDI enabled display you can stream/mirror content wirelessly. think WIRELESS HDMI.

    NO i want WIRELESS HDMI!!! also this way i dont have to carry around a cable. :)
  5. bookburner

    bookburner New Member

    It seems like the snapdragon s4 is going to be one of the first soc's that support Wi-di The first phone will probably be a US variant of the sgs3 or the HTC one variant with the s4. OMAP by TI might beat out qualcomm but I doubt it. And I just saw press photos for sgs3 accessories and one is an HDMI wireless display hub. So the wait is almost over for wi-di. Hopefully its awesome. But you still will have to get a dongle for your TV if it isn't an internet TV. Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of the sgs3. I got an sgs2 and can't upgrade for a year or so. So I guess it's the Samsung galaxy s4 for me. Wi-di should be very prevalent in most consumer devices by then.
  6. o.maille

    o.maille Member

    I use Widi constantly with my w520 laptop and it's great. Though there are draw backs; can't seperate audio, driver updates mess it up, takes a few seconds to connect etc...

    I have a galaxy S3 and want to know if anyone has been successfull using it with widi, I had thought widi was an intel only standard but that appears to be wrong.

    My widi reciever appears on the s3 wifi direct screen but the phone just tries to send the file to it and fails.

    Widi is not airplay, dlna & airshare are airplay.
    Widi is can allow you to connect devices to tv/projectors for use as additional monitors (dual screen etc)

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