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  1. heichit

    heichit New Member

    So....recently, I found out that my phone(samsung galaxy W) shuts down suddenly even when it shows that it has battery life left. The shut down is completely random. Sometimes it shuts down at 20% and sometimes 6X%.

    Also, when I charge my phone, it shows the phone is completely charged but when I check the status, it shows that the battery level is around 85%.

    I also found a weird thing that when I unplug my charger, the battery level goes up.

    I check some other forums and people stated that it is some coding thing about android 2.3.6. Is there any way to fix this problem?

    Thanks for reading the whole post. Also sorry for bad English.

  2. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    Fortunately, I have not the problem. but ---
    have you updated on the latest update?
    turn off your mobile now and then?
    trying to take your battery out and wait a few minutes to start up again?
    sorry that my English is so bad :)
  3. niceguy15

    niceguy15 New Member

    I also have very similar problems as mentioned above - any help will be appreciated.
  4. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    have you the last update, there have been some additions - my
    build number are now -XXLMI after the last one.
  5. niceguy15

    niceguy15 New Member

    Problem solved - New Battery - All Good So Far
  6. mechajol

    mechajol Member

    I experienced the same problems late last year. Phone is okay in standby mode, but when I use an app or a game, it just shuts down, even if it's fully-charged. It won't turn on again. Had to charge it again and again.

    then noticed that the battery is bulging. It was the original one that came with the phone. Had this for a year now. I guess it's the standard lifespan of a phone battery?

    Got a new batt and all is good.

    One thing I noticed, though is that when I charge the phone, and reset it, the energy percentage spikes 10-20%.

    Wouldn't recommend doing that, though.

    I just follow the usual discharge and recharge routine.
  7. CullyJoker

    CullyJoker Member

    I experienced the same problems.

    Also noticed that the battery had swollen - i.e. surfaces curved instead of flat.

    Got new battery from Amazon (
  8. robertkanie

    robertkanie New Member

    Yeap, Its the battery problem. Had the same problem. Bat swelled up. Replaced it, and worked fine..:)

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