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  1. Delvar

    Delvar Active Member

    I live in NYC, but every time I do a speed test from my Evo Shift they only give me servers from Europe. Is anyone else having this problem? I know someone is going to ask what speed test app/site am I using, it doesnt matter they all give me servers from Europe.

  2. Drakon

    Drakon Active Member

    i had the problem the first time I used the speedtest app, but after reloading it, it gave me locations closer to me maybe it just took a first time use in order for it to sync. but mins has been working ever since, and i had the gps on as well.
  3. Delvar

    Delvar Active Member

    Ok I will try that.

    Edit: That was it I need to have my GPS on so it could see where I was. Thanks again.

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