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  1. palmtopman

    palmtopman New Member

    Hi, I am a new user of an Android Tablet and last week got a ZeniThink ZT-180 running 2.1 OS. I am desperately trying with no success to get it online via 3G whilst on-the-road. I would like to get it to connect to my iPhones 'Personal Hotspot' (which my Android smartphone connects to with no problem) but my ZT-180 never sees the WiFi hotspot! :-( My tablet does work ok with my home Sky Broadband WiFi. Ok, so no joy with my iPhones hotspot, so I've since tried two different 3G Broadband Dongle/USB Sticks.... plug it into USB, the tablet bleeps and starts to communicate with the dongle but then reports a card failure! Urgh! Please can someone help me? Thanks in advance.

  2. gewhitt1

    gewhitt1 Member

    try google search for 3g sticks that work with zenithink, don't think to many work with it

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