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Wifi acting up????Tips

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  1. NewbieDroid015

    NewbieDroid015 New Member

    Well just got the phone yesterday wifi worked just fine, but today when i try to connect to wifi it said. Remembered.... then when i hit connect it says Out of range, im sitting right beside my linksys.
    Ive tried turning it on and off, i took the batter out and back in idkj what else to do!!!

  2. NewbieDroid015

    NewbieDroid015 New Member

    Its my first android
  3. t499user

    t499user Active Member

    Might want to try resetting the phone to the default settings and go from there. If that doesn't work, Samsung should be releasing an upgrade for this phone soon :)

    Edit: It doesn't look like Samsung is ever going to release an upgrade for this phone :)

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