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wifi and microsdcardSupport

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  1. talkien

    talkien New Member

    I have the strangest issue with my iconia a100. Every time I insert my 32gb card the wifi stops working. Once ejected it starts working. Anyone have this issue? :mad:

  2. Tennovian

    Tennovian New Member

    I am having the same issue with a 8GB a100 and a Samsung 16GB Class 10 card I received today. As long as the card is inserted, whether it is mounted or not, the wireless will not connect and the signal strength is much lower. Remove the card and every thing returns to normal.
  3. jfjinca

    jfjinca New Member

    Me too. Spent over a week trying to figure out why my wireless network key wouldn't work, when it was the SD card all along. I have a Sandisk SDHC 16GB card.
  4. Taking

    Taking New Member

    I got my wife a 8gb A100 for Christmas. It has been having intermittent wi-fi problems as well. Hers connects , then disconnects, connects for a while, then disconnects. What is going on ? NO SD CARD INSTALLED !!!!
  5. Sandeepchopra

    Sandeepchopra New Member

    I have the same issue with Iconia A100. Am using a Sandisk 32GB Micro SD card.
  6. Josh ouellette

    Josh ouellette New Member

    I don't own the a100 however a few Google searches lead me to believe that it either has a problem with belkin routers or n routers. I may be wrong but just trying to help.

    Edit: another thing to try is to change the channel setting on your router.. If it's on auto try channel 1

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