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WiFi AutoconnectGeneral

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  1. Akath19

    Akath19 Member

    Hey everyone

    I move around a lot and currently don't have a data plan (just WiFi) so I wanted to know if there's an app that autoconnects to WiFi when in range 'cause the default sony app disconnects a lot and doesn't connect automatically.

  2. LelyTekkel

    LelyTekkel New Member

    Hi, I have my XP10 Mini Pro since one week and I connected it to my router at home. Everytime I come home it automatically connects to my router.
  3. craggybuk

    craggybuk Well-Known Member

    The phone will automatically detect networks when in range. It will only auto connect when either it's an unencrypted network or you have already provided the passkey previously. As you say you move around a lot, I doubt if you will have the passkey for each of the networks in range hence the reason for not connecting.
  4. Akath19

    Akath19 Member

    I do move around a lot, perhaps I phrased my problem wrong, the thing is my WiFi will disconnect every time the screen is locked (and before you ask my WiFi sleep policy is set to never), what's most unsettling is that after it disconnects it says that the network is not in range even though I'm less than a meter away from my router at home.
  5. craggybuk

    craggybuk Well-Known Member

    How long does it say you are not in range for? If the network has disconnected, the phone and router will need to re-establish a connection and the phone will need to request a new ip address? It is not unusual for this to take upto 30 seconds or so.
  6. KevinMJ

    KevinMJ New Member

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