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wifi automatically turns off and is unable to detect any wifi signalsSupport

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  1. vishesh26

    vishesh26 New Member

    hi, I had been using galaxy s2 for almost one month now, two days back the wifi on my device automatically stopped working. when i turn on the wifi it scans and then automatically turns off without detecting any wifi signals. my other two notebooks are very well detecting the wifi signal.

    i have tried master resetting the phone, also updated the firmware but nothing is helping. also my phone shows ERROR sometimes under wifi and it dosent turn on.

    plz help me someone, m nt sure if it is a software or a hardware problem....plz help me out.....

    my android version is-

    version- 2..3.4
    baseband I9100XXKG1


  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Have you tried restarting (rebooting) your wireless router?
  3. vishesh26

    vishesh26 New Member

    yaa have tried doing that so many times now. my other nokia phone and other laptops are working well with that signal bt no help with my s2 and the wifi automatically switches off after a 5 sec scan.
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    If you're restarted both router and handset, and have altered nothing in the way of settings in either that could have caused the problem, then it could be a hardware issue requiring service.
  5. mcarther101

    mcarther101 Member

    Anyone have any idea what is causing this yet? My wifi was working, had the Galaxy S2 for a couple months now, and this is just now happening. Same exact symptoms... tried all sorts of router settings, restoring the phone, rebooting it... no luck.
  6. vishesh26

    vishesh26 New Member

    the prob is definitely in the motherboard...i also tried everything bt nothing helped so finally the service centre changed my motherboard....n its running well now

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