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  1. dannym1212

    dannym1212 New Member

    Basically what the title says. The guy at Radioshack said I wouldnt have to purchase anything extra to have Wifi calling on my EVO.

    I need the wifi calling as I dont get service at my house. Thanks!

  2. sheryip

    sheryip Member

    hes probably talking about a vo ip program like skype
  3. wrecklass

    wrecklass Well-Known Member

    First of all, are you talking about calling people on their phones or just talking to friends who have VOIP software? If you mean you want to call actual phone numbers you would do best with Skype.

    Now the bad news. Skype is not on Android. There are clients that use the Skype protocol but few are much good. You would be better off putting Skype on you computer and using that with a headset.

    To call phone numbers you will have to buy a subscription.

    If you don't need phone number calling then use Skype on your computer for free.

    Did he tell you all that?
  4. dannym1212

    dannym1212 New Member

    No he said Sprint was the only provider that offered WiFi calling. I want to call other phones as I would if I had normal service but I told him I dont at my house so he said I could take full advantage of WiFi calling.
  5. MyHTCevo

    MyHTCevo Well-Known Member

    For a small monthly fee you can connect this to your internet router.

    Unlimited calling when in reach of your wi-fi!

  6. firecaptain

    firecaptain New Member

    I have an AIRAVE and I must say, it works GREAT!

    All of our phones have great reception in the house and that, in turn, keeps the battery life higher than it would be since the phones aren't constantly searching for signals.
  7. erikivy

    erikivy Well-Known Member

    What about Google Voice? Doesn't that work over a data connection, whether it's 3G, 4G or even wifi? I have a Voice account but haven't really done anything with it yet other than play around.
  8. Roadblock

    Roadblock Well-Known Member

    Actually Skype IS on Android, just not on Sprint's Android's.

    Almost thought about going to Verizon and the HTC Incredible just to get it but I'm holding out to see what happens with Sprint I guess.
  9. zcecp49

    zcecp49 New Member

    hi Roadblock,

    you are right. For other users who want it you have to go to skypes website from your handset. it's sadly not available on all phones yet (i have an htc desire and am still waiting for them to add it to the supported list)

    Skype mobile? for Android? smartphones


  10. neodorian

    neodorian Well-Known Member

    Today's fortune: "You will be disappointed."

    Never a good idea to buy a phone from a carrier that doesn't service your area. You will regret it.
  11. Bubble_Head

    Bubble_Head Member

    I'm sorry to say that your salesperson is an idiot and got the Service Providers confused - WiFi calling (also known as Unlicensed Mobile Access - UMA, or Hotspot @Home) is a T-Mobile exclusive (i.e. you don't need some downloaded app to make WiFi calls over your phone). I also live in an area with (until recently) spotty reception, but as I get closer to my house (and my router) my phone automatically switches to the WiFi to route my calls. I can be in the middle of a phone call on my Blackberry 9700 and it will seamlessly switch to WiFi while maintaining the call and vice versa. Incoming calls work just as well. Also, all T-Mobile Hotspots are already preconfigured, so if you are near one, it will route your calls through the T-Mobile Hotspot. It is really nice when I travel internationally, since I just connect to the hotel's WiFi and make calls back to the states for free, since T-Mobile's Hotspot @Home service just assumes I'm calling from my house (they have no way of telling otherwise). They also don't charge extra for tethering your phone to a laptop (and using your phone as a wireless 3G/EDGE/T-Mobile HotSpot modem.

    Unfortunately, there are currently no Android phones that have this feature, though I heard a few weeks ago from a T-Mobile rep that there was a new MyTouch coming out that would be supporting this feature. Most of the Blackberries and some Nokia phones make up the vast majority of the T-Mobile WiFi calling list.

    My advice to you is to return the phone and get one from T-Mobile. As a side benefit, you won't have to worry about dealing with Sprint's infamously horrible, outsourced billing department when they overcharge you and shut off your service for going over your ever-changing credit limit.
  12. Nomad83

    Nomad83 Member

    You didn't read the AIRAVE posts at all.

    Key Features
    Works with any Sprint phone — up to three users at the same time.
  13. Bubble_Head

    Bubble_Head Member

  14. Nomad83

    Nomad83 Member

    Sounds more like you have a axe to grind with Sprint then anything.

    More or less the services are identical in nature. I used UMA for about a year i canned it for being useless all the time. IE dropped calls, disconnecting randomly, etc.

    While with tmobile only some phones can use UMA. AIRAVE works for all sprint phones. More and more Wifi is getting encrypted anyway. Asking for wifi keys can get weird. Granted it was nice to link in at a resturant or so it wasnt all that great.

    Last I checked unless you called in and complained about no signal it was a $10 a month charge per line plus the cost of a router if need be. I would think sprint might waive the fees and do the same if it would keep a customer.

    Both ideas are great in concept. But in reality are merely a band-aid for crappy signal strength IMO. Great IF they work properly and often at least with UMA it did not.

    I would much rather have REAL signal at my house for several reasons.

    1. 1 less link in the chain to screw up. Be that a glicth, power outage or ISP outage.
    2. If your internet connection sucks your UMA connection will suck. Not including if your downloading a file and suddenly you get a call.
    3. contantly having to look for wifi to make calls.
    4. Needing a wifi & UMA capable phone. (currently 7 listed on their online store)

    Great in concept like i said, but I wouldnt rely on it.

    I was with tmobile for over 3 years and and finally had to call it quits. UMA didnt cut it and I wasnt thrilled with being able to pick from only UMA phones. If they added a tower tomorrow Id call up sprint and tell them I'm sending the evo back.

    To that end I'm sure they both are decent in a pinch if you are have the equipment. Be that the AIRAVE or a UMA phone.

    However you really need to be objective when your talking about something. Your letting your haterd bias your statements. The way you have it UMA & Tmobile is perfect and we all should have it and I know that isnt the case.
  15. Bubble_Head

    Bubble_Head Member

    Dear Nomad83, Here is the original quote to which I was replying to before you chimed in and accused me of not reading the posts about AIRAVE:

    Fact: Sprint does not have WiFi calling, but T-Mobile does. I think this statement is pretty objective - no grey areas here. My original post was mainly to point out this fact, and that the salesperson who told him otherwise did not know what he was talking about - not to point out which technology was better than the other. Sprint does not offer any sort of WiFi calling because AIRAVE does not use WiFi. Whether or not it works better or worse in anyone's opinion is immaterial to the fact that the Radio Shack salesperson gave him a bum gouge. Regardless of my point of view regarding either company, my original statement still stands, whether or not you think I read the posts about AIRAVE. I'm glad that you like AIRAVE and that it works for you, but if you still think that AIRAVE works on WiFi and that the salesperson that dannym1212 dealt with actually knew what he was talking about, then I invite you to read FAQ 39 of the AIRAVE FAQ section on sprint's website, which clearly states that it uses the 1900MHz CDMA spectrum and not WiFi.


    For the record, there are NO additional fees for using UMA on T-Mobile, whether or not you complain about coverage, unless you want unlimited UMA calling. The charges you were speaking of were for the optional UNLIMITED UMA calling, which is comparable to Sprint's UNLIMITED calling (though Sprint does charge another mandatory $5 per AIRAVE unit on top of that). You also don't need T-Mobile's router to use it - any WiFi router will do. If your home router is ethernet only (i.e. no WiFi), then spending $20 to purchase T-Mobile's HiPort router is an option, which will also give your home computers something to connect wirelessly to. To use AIRAVE, you MUST purchase at least one AIRAVE unit (listed @ $99). I didn't even know about UMA until I noticed that my wife's Blackberry 8320 always had signal in my house and my unlocked AT&T-branded 8820 didn't. After I found out that her great signal was because her phone was using the UMA feature via our Verizon FiOS router, I upgraded my phone. We never asked for the UMA service, we just got it - at no extra charge.

    I will admit that my experiences with Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Alltel, and T-Mobile have caused me to favor T-Mobile over others in most cases. IMO, Sprint's biggest drawback is their approach to customer service, which T-Mobile has always excelled at. I also know that there are things that T-Mobile is weak at as well, such as coverage. But I have also found that coverage varies greatly depending on your location (When I was in Virginia Beach, T-Mobile had the best coverage; but in the DC area, Verizon outcovers everyone), but no matter where I am at, I can expect great customer service. T-Mobile is improving on the coverage thing, though. They recently put of a tower in my neighborhood, and now I get four bars in my basement off the T-Mobile network. My neighborhood was the only area I really had issues with and they fixed it. Now, I like the UMA feature mainly for international travel, since I can use it through the hotel's WiFi to make free calls back to the states.

    I guess you can say I have an axe to grind with salespeople who don't know the products they are selling, yet act like they do. Customers rely on their so-called "expert" knowledge and end up not getting what they thought they were purchasing. If you want a store that consistently displays true "expert" advice on a variety of wireless providers, then Best Buy is a good place to start. I really don't care for their prices, but you may end up buying from them if only to reward them for the superior product knowledge they impart to you. If you have already decided on a service provider, them your best bet is usually one of the provider's local storefronts (and I don't mean some kiosk in the mall or an "authorized retailer").

    So, if your looking for the answer to which technology is better, then it depends on your situation and what you are using it for. If this is a single business phone (as Sprint's business customer service is likely much better, and you generally don't get a say in who your provider is on a work-supplied phone anyway) and you are just looking for a way to get your business phone to work at one specific location, then AIRAVE may be good for you and you could probably convince your employer to purchase the AIRAVE unit for you since they supplied the phone. If, however, there are a number of locations where coverage is bad, regardless of service provider, and you don't want to buy an AIRAVE unit for each location, or if you travel internationally, then T-Mobile's UMA might be a good alternative.

    At least we all agree that a real signal is the best way to go, though some people just don't have that option.
  16. Ranc0r37

    Ranc0r37 New Member

    He didnt say he does not have service in his area. He said no service in his house. This is most likely due to the homes construction, not location
  17. bnl552

    bnl552 New Member

    I have had Sprint for quite a while and I used to dread having to call and deal with their customer support. It was awful. Yesterday and Today were the first times I have had to call in about 2 years and I was very impressed. There was no wait, the calls were not outsourced, and they answered all my questions. Today I was calling because when I got a new EPIC at Best Buy and I had to switch to a new plan because I was using an old SERO plan. The Best Buy associate neglected to mention that there would be an additional $10 fee for data on the EPIC. The customer support guy apologized for Best Buys mistake and switched me to a plan that was $10 cheaper and had 50 extra minutes. This was probably the best experience I have ever had with any customer support line for any company I have ever dealt with.
  18. mitchellvii

    mitchellvii Well-Known Member

    Airave is awesome. I get zero signal in my house but with Airave on full bars all the time.

    Although Airave unlmited will cost you $15 bucks extra a month, you can actually save money but going to the $69.99 everything plan with 400 minutes since your Airave handles all your home calling. The only reason you would need over 400 minutes away from home is if you call a lot of people with landlines as the $69.99 plan is free for calls to other cell phones (pretty much everyone).

    The Airave itself costs $100 but oh well. Over the period of your contract that is less than $5 a month for an awesome connection.

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