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wifi calling using csipsimple or other

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  1. tangerine3

    tangerine3 Member

    I have a motorola razzr M and am going on vacation out of the U.S. I have heard I can make free calls if im connected to a wifi spot using either a wifi calling service or installing the app csipsimple?

    I found a service called voipvoip.com and they seem pretty simple and cheap but was just wondering if anyone makes wifi calls using csipsimple app alone or in conjuction with pbxes.org thus bypassing a 3rd party voip calling service.

    If it is more simpler using a service like voipvoip.com I have no problem with that, they say it is only 6.99 per month for a virtual phone number and only 1.9 cents per min. to call the U.S. from Tobago and ppl using my U.S. virtual number will not be charged long distance rates.

    When I sign up to any voip service or use csipsimple will I get a

  2. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Well-Known Member

    I use a combination of Google Voice and GrooveIP to take and make calls over WiFi. It seems to work well and it is completely free.

    Basically you will get a number from Google Voice and in the GV settings direct it to route the call to Google Chat. When someone calls that number GrooveIP (logged into to Google Chat) will ring your phone. Conversely you can make calls through GrooveIP which will rout the call through Wifi to Google Voice.

    Long as you pick a number that is local to the people who are calling it should be a transparent and free call.
  3. tangerine3

    tangerine3 Member

    is it possible to use csipsimple with google voice?

    What happens if a call comes in and i'm not connected to a wifi connection. Will I have a voice mail box?
  4. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Well-Known Member

    I don't know if CSIPSIMPLE will work with Google Voice. If they a provide you a phone number, I think maybe. Otherwise based on the way GrooveIP works probably not, unless they are using the same tricks with Google Chat.

    Yes, Google Voice does provide a voicemail box that you can check.

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