Wifi client dumb on Android?

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  1. carrot

    carrot Well-Known Member

    I'm at the hospital and I turned my Wifi ON. The browser can't get to the IP address for the "accept" page to allow the device on the network. But my laptop seems fine (I'm writting this e-mail).

    But also, when Wifi is on but you can't reach the outside network, you can't actually do anything...

    If the Wifi can't reach google.com or something, use 3G so I don't miss all my e-mails with a incorrectly configured wifi.

  2. sghere

    sghere Well-Known Member

    Don't mean to sound sarcastic...but I have no idea what you're trying to get across here. :)

    Are you saying your wifi on the phone "won't" connect to the wireless at the hospital, or it does, but won't use their proxy correctly...

    Not real clear if you're making a statement, or asking a question.

  3. mystereon

    mystereon Active Member

    That is probably because you would have to set a proxy to access web services, which unfortunately isn't implemented in Android yet. :(
  4. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you probably need to be able to use a proxy. It's not implemented yet, which really annoys me too because I have to stick with 3G instead of Wi-Fi at school as well now.
  5. carrot

    carrot Well-Known Member

    Proxy support, that would make sense but I don't think there is a proxy here, thanks for your reply...

    I would just hope that there would a global check for reaching host a couple time and then the Wifi would go into a mode where it falls back to 3G.

    For example, a wifi router that hangs or not forward connections anymore.

    Android have basically redundancy built in so it can route traffic over wifi or 3G, but doesn't do anything about it.

    I've been hit a home multiple time where my wifi router was working fine with PCs but no more traffic on my Android... Re-associate and then good to go for a few hours.
  6. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Cisco Wireless Controllers typically have a redirect of or
    Try typing in the whole URL http://www.google.com into your browser to see if the redirect works and if you get prompted to accept a certificate. If you get that far, you should be golden.

    Make sure you try all the browsers on your DROID. One may work while others do not.
  7. carrot

    carrot Well-Known Member

    The certificate is invalid for sure (well, doesn't have a valid ROOT CA) and the normal browser says that the "web page not available". I tried "dolphi" before but for some reason I didn't like it at all.

    I can't ping from my phone, but can from the laptop. I would need to check the routing table on the phone.

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