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Wifi confusion

  1. ralanders

    ralanders New Member

    Recently bought the Cliq and Im very interested in using the Wifi feature.

    Used it with the Wifi at the store where I purchased it & worked perfectly (obviously!!), it worked on my home wireless- Netgear router and at the airport hotspot. Now I've gone overseas to my folks home for a while and it doesnt pickup their Linksys based wireless at all. My mom's blackberry and my laptop pick it up fine, but dont know why my Cliq does not even see it.

    Anyone can give some help??? It's really confusing and Im at the point of frustration.

    The router is a Linksys wrt54g2. Ive tried adjusting some settings on the router (as suggested on other websites on the net), but the Cliq refuses to see the router. Any ides, please!?!


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