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wifi connect stuck "obtaining address" loopSupport

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  1. paully

    paully Well-Known Member

    the Mrs. got her gs4 on Saturday. not rooted, stock. (I actually haven't even looked to see if there's a root for it yet, not that she'd let me yet)

    All is well except I can't get it to connect to home home router's wifi. stuck in an 'obtaining ip address' loop until it gives up. router is a:
    Linksys WRT54G, Wireless-G

    All other phone's in the house have no trouble. I triple and quadruple checked her settings.

    I turned "wireless hotspot" on on my 3vo and she was able to connect to it no problem. (this is actually how she was able to get through the initial setup, as it required a wifi connection).

    today we'll try some other hotspots.

    any idears?


  2. rkkeller

    rkkeller Well-Known Member

    I deleted my thoughts as I think I was wrong. :>
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  3. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    Log into the router and check for

    Max address filtering
    Wireless access list - get the mac listed
    IP pool - make sure you have a free IP
    IP reservations

    See if any of those help.

    You could also try assigning a static IP via the phone.
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  4. paully

    paully Well-Known Member

    thanks for the ideas.

    mac filtering was disabled

    plenty of ip availability (starting at with 50 dhcp users possible, we have 6-8 devices is this house)

    i don't have any access restriction rules/policies in place. all access all the time.
    firewall is enabled, but i don't believe that has anything to do with not getting and ip address assigned.

    haven't figured out how to test the static ip idea yet.
    although i did notice in: About device > Status > IP address
    the phone has an IP address defined here. which is not in the range defined in the router. so I'm heading this direction next. not sure were this one came from.
  5. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    Depending on the router it might handle wifi access and firewall differently.

    Netgears typically perceive firewall to relate to hardwired connection's only, as the wifi access list takes care of that for all the wifi connection's but on top of that you have mac address filtering that covers all connection's. Just sayin. So it might be worth adding the phones MAC to the firewall just even if it's for temporary diagnostic purposes.
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  6. paully

    paully Well-Known Member

    saga concluded.

    the fix was to update my router's firmware. its previous version was from 2005 and the latest version available it from feb 2012.

    (before you do this, make sure you take note of all of the router settings. i snapped a quick pic of all of the pages that looked too complicated for me to remember:))

    per linksys's website's instructions I:
    updated firmware.
    reset the router.
    power cycled it, w/ 10secs off.
    confirmed settings setup back to the way they were (which oddly enough they were already set(?). i thought that holding in the reset button in the back until to the power button flashed would've reset to factory defaults, but it didn't..)

    by the time I picked up the gs4 to see what was up, it was already connected. :)
  7. Zeuszoos

    Zeuszoos Member

    Hahaha! <lol!>

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