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Wifi Connected but Not WorkingSupport

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  1. brandon440

    brandon440 Active Member

    To fully explain my problem the best I can, giving a little bit of history first, I recently have returned a Galaxy Note to AT&T for the problem I am going to ask about. The same problem is occuring with the new device I picked up. When using my Galaxy Note to connect to Wifi, for the first day or two, everything works fine. After that connection to Wifi is shown but the actual internet on the device will not work. I can use apps that require data connection over wifi with no problem but the actual Web Browswer will not work. I have spoke with AT&T and Samsung about the issue with no luck. Today in about 3 hours I am going to return the deivice for another unless I could find out how to fix this. I have tested this over many different Wifi connections, including the AT&T specified connections, with the same problem occurring over and over again. When I am not connected to Wifi the Web browser on the device works fine. Any suggestions or help that anybody could think of? Already have done a factory data reset, shut phone on and off, waiting 30 seconds in between, three times in a row, pulled battery, tried various apps targeting wifi issues, etc. etc. and nothing seems to work. PLEASE HELP!!!:confused:

  2. ZeroOne

    ZeroOne Guest

    Interesting I wonder if the kernel in the note isn't aligned right?

    [Q] ad-hoc wifi on Galaxy Note - xda-developers

    Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Home WiFi Problem

    Not much on this issue now sorry.
  3. brandon440

    brandon440 Active Member

    Thank you for trying to help me out for now as much as you could. I am returning to the store here within the next 30-45 minutes to return the device. Hoping the problem stops with this next device. If not you might be right and if so I am not sure what to do about that. Basically I'm guessing I will just have to deal with it til a further update is issued for the device? Again thank you for trying to help me out. Hopefully something gets figured out soon though so I can stop exchanging devices. I would like one that completely works. If the kernel isnt aligned right though, wouldnt it stop it from working right from the start? Or is that something that would stop it along the process of wifi connection period?
  4. brandon440

    brandon440 Active Member

    **UPDATE** I got the 3rd device today and after some time on the phone with AT&T, they decided the most probable solution to the problem is that the store I got my device from had a bad batch of phones. They said they hate to say it because Samsung has amazing devices but they believe that was the case. Hopefully this device continues to work awesome as it should! So far so great! Thank you again!

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