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Wifi connection issues with Samsung fascinateSupport

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  1. AndroidRookie

    AndroidRookie New Member

    Have a Samsung galaxy s Fascinate. Recently installed new wireless N network at house which is working fine. I get a great strong signal all over the house on my laptop from the network.

    With my Fascinate however, I get a very weak signal in most places, and only a fair signal when standing close to the router.

    Very annoying as my 3G connection in my house is not so great either.

    Anyone else having this issue? Any known solutions?

  2. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Im not sure its a known issue per se but the reception of the SF either via WiFi or 3G is not as strong as other devices. I also have wireless N at home and even 10 feet away from my router with no walls in between sometimes my WiFi has only two of the 3 bars displayed [sometimes its full]. If Im more than 40ft or 3 walls away/in between all I have it the "dot". So in my house my range is about 50ft and 4 walls; which really does give me the whole house since the router is somewhat centrally located. I can be in the backyard too but its limited and performance really drops as distance and walls increase. When Im in the same room as the router its full bars and 20Mbps+ down, but 30 ft and 2 walls away its like 8-10Mbps down. Again might be my network, might be my phone so as always YMMV.
    Best advice is test your speed via speedtest or fcctest app and just know your limitations and boundaries and deal with them.
  3. sho95

    sho95 Well-Known Member

    You need to set the best channel on your router for your home. You can find an app on the market place that will analysis this channels and lets you know which would be the best to use (wifi analyzer). By using the best channels your phone does not get bogged down by seeing all the wifi connections around you.
  4. l.a.rossmann

    l.a.rossmann Active Member

    I found this thread while googling the issue.

    I went from an HTC Incredible to a fascinate

    Where the incredible got 15 mbps, the samsung gets 7-9

    where the incredible got 7-9, the fascinate gets 400 kbps

    where the incredible got 3-5 mbps, the fascinate doesn't see the wireless access point.

    Don't even get me started on the bluetooth range on this bitch. the range is barely over half that of the incredible. The experience has me wondering if samsung should go back to making screens for real phone manufacturers(HTC)

    Never again, samsung. never again.
  5. bezerk19

    bezerk19 Well-Known Member

    For some time I had problems with any wireless router in my home, after a factory reset the problem was fixed. I know that would suck to do a factory reset, but hopefully that takes care of your problem, which it did with mine.
  6. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    personally my fascinate smokes my incredible in wifi...by the router 25 down for the sf 17 for my incredible

    10-15 feet away 18-20 for my fascinate 12 for my incredible

    about 25-30 feet away 6-9 for my fascinate maybe 5 for my inc

    i will concede on the other side of the house that my inc still has wifi at around 3 mbs and my fascinate will go in and out.

    sorry about ur experience with samsung, many hate them. to me they are the only real future course for hacking android.
  7. psyborg

    psyborg New Member

    My wife's fascinate connects to my ".11n" network, which uses WPA2, but when connected she can't get out to the internet. Even local transfers, such as with the music transfer function, fails after it while coping a file - leaving a partial song. She gets no email updates, etc. This is tru even when the phone is five feet from the router.

    We also have a ".11g" guest network with WEP and internet on that is a little better, as in I've gotten connectivity, but it's flaky. I haven't done serious troubleshooting yet.

    Her laptop, and my LG Ally have no problem on either of the above wifi.

    She was travelling abroad recently and brought her phone. Shw only had wifi access as the country uses GSM. At one house she had no problem getting internet over wifi. at another, she could connect successfully to the wifi, but could not get any internet. I was not there so I don't know any specifics of the networks.

    These issues led me here - where I figured I would check to see if there was a known issue and possibly a known fix.

    I've noticed another strange issue regarding location services, where apps on the phone do not seem to be able to locate where the phone is via the verizon network. For example, beautiful widgets figures out where I am when I travel based on my location on the verizon wireless network and updates the city appropriately. I loaded same app on her fascinate, but it can't seem to figure out wherethe phone is, and I have to hard code it. The original clock/weather app that comes with it does not have an option to use location services, it only works through hardcoding the location. Makes me think they know the feature doesn't work on their phone.

    While I'm on it, I removed (via root) verizon backup assistant from her phone. When I did this to my LG ally, it seemed to remove all traces and when adding a contact it no longer prompts me for google vs. verizon phone book. On her phone, it still allows her to add to the verizon phone book and if I go into settings, backup assistant still shows up and if I tap that option, the phone freezes for a while and then finally reboots.

    Otherwise, my wife loves this phone, and I like it alot too, especially the swype keyboard, AMOLED display and speed.
  8. f@scin8

    f@scin8 Active Member

    I have no issues at home with .11/g WiFi but at work I can logon fine and signal strength is not bad, but no internet connectivity. However, there can be more than one reason for this.

    I have Wifi Manager and Wifi Analyzer, what other apps can show more network info besides IP address and possible change some parameters (eg DNS, etc)? Picking the strongest channel allowed me to be successful just once getting data from the internet.

    Others at work with iPhones and Incredibles have no problems at all. So it seems like a SF related software or hardware issue. I'm using "stock" software.

  9. f@scin8

    f@scin8 Active Member

    As I mentioned earlier today in another Wifi problem thread, my Wifi issues at work are DNS related.

  10. kmccleave

    kmccleave New Member

    I seem to be having the complete opposite problem as everybody else.

    I have a wireless network setup at my apartment. My computer, ps3, xbox, and ipod touch all work fine. But as soon as I bought my Fascinate, my laptop continues to lose internet connection. The laptop will show that I am connected, but I won't have a signal or IE cannot find web page. I can restart my laptop and it will work fine, but then as soon as I use the phone, it goes back to giving me problems.

    Anybody know how to fix this?

    Thank you
  11. f@scin8

    f@scin8 Active Member

    Sounds like it could be duplicate IP address. Check the IP address of the laptop and phone when both are on WiFi network. If each one works when the other is off, then I can't think of any other way the two devices can affect each other via the network. (There is another way, but something/somebody would have had to go out of their way to create/set duplicate MAC addresses in the hardware.)

  12. kmccleave

    kmccleave New Member

    Thanks, Larry. I will look into that. I pretty much always have my phone on 3g, because I haven't had the best wifi connections.
  13. f@scin8

    f@scin8 Active Member

    I assumed your issues were when the phone and laptop were using WiFi. If that's not the case then, uh - oh. :)


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