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  1. yogibimbi

    yogibimbi Member

    I am trying to get my Xperia X10 mini with Android 1.6 to connect with my MacBook unibody running MacOS 10.6.4. For that, I have created a WEP-protected network on my Mac.

    Now, if I scan for wireless networks in "Wireless Controls/Wi-Fi Settings" on my phone, I see a whole sh..load of local networks, minus the one I set up on the Mac. However, I can see that very network on, and share its internet connection effortlessly with, my iPod touch 1st gen. Also, the X10 mini connects just nicely and without complaining to the network at my work.

    The network at work is WPA2 and the one on my Mac is WEP-protected. However, it doesn't change a yotta if I open the network on my Mac up completely and do not ask for any passwords.

    Any ideas, suggestions, somebody who has had the same happening? The X10 is pretty new (although the android version is pretty old:-( ), so maybe there are not many out there yet.

  2. 0verkilled

    0verkilled Member

    I am not sure what your problem is.

    I had issues connecting to my wifi network, I used maual IP Address and the problem was solved.

    Or, go to Add Wi-fi network and enter SSID and the password maually.
  3. yogibimbi

    yogibimbi Member

    I did the Add WiFi network thing already; however I was considering trying the manual approach, but I am not sure what IP to use for my computer and now my System Preferences keep crashing on me every time I select the Network panel.
  4. yogibimbi

    yogibimbi Member

    ok, Sys Preferences stopped crashing and now came back with an IP. Where do I have to enter those? Wi-Fi settings > advanced? And then check "use static IP" and enter as Gateway?
  5. 0verkilled

    0verkilled Member

    Yes, that is correct. Don't worry about the computers IP as long as it is still working.

    For the phone, use any available IP.
  6. ptmarzullo

    ptmarzullo Well-Known Member

    I don't know where or how to post this...sorry...

    My ZTE Warp finds my wireless signal verified by my SSID listed on my phone...

    I can not connect. It says scanning, then says disconnecting repeatedly. If I unplug and plug the router back in. Viola, can connect, I have a signal. ??? I just returned the router for the same one. Belkin N150, could it be the router and phone are not compatible. It seems to be doing the same thing and this router is brand new ??? I am able to connect elsewhere but never around long enough to determine if I lose my signal, can I get it back without rebooting the router ??? This is my second WARP. The first one had problems also with the WIFI connecting, but seemed not nearly as bad. I am really thinking it is the router. Just don't want to buy another one and just have the same problem. Could be the phone too ???

    Thank you for any help. I would greatly appreciate it.

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