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WiFi Connectivity & Google Account ProblemSupport

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  1. Elusiv3sloth

    Elusiv3sloth New Member

    Hey everyone, I just got a relatively new T-mobile G2 from my friend and I am having a few problems.

    I don't know if this has to do with the tmobile prepaid sim that I installed, but I keep getting the error message "can't establish a reliable data connection to the server" when I try to set up my google account. I did a hard reset and it says the same exact thing.

    I also tried connecting to my wifi network and it displays the networks, but it keeps saying that it is obtaining the ip address and then it disconnects and repeats this. My laptop is running perfectly off of my router too.

    What is the customer service number?


  2. Elusiv3sloth

    Elusiv3sloth New Member

    nvm I just restarted my router and my phone was able to connect to it.
  3. Queue515

    Queue515 Active Member

    You may eventually need a new sim card. My g2 was behaving similarly until it eventually said "no service".

    Swapped out sims after getting tmo to register new sim card, and I'm back!

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