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  1. Krish007

    Krish007 New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Recently I bought this mobile Samsung Grand Quattro (I-8552). There has been no issues as such but recently i have been facing issues with WI-FI Connectivity.

    I use a Wi-FI @ Home & it gets connected very easily. But when i use it @ my friend's residence, it says "Saved & Secured" but doesn't connect. The Credentials entered are completely right & no additional settings are required to configure as such. When i observe, The Wifi Icon at the top left shows a ? Symbol.

    Please Help !

  2. socrates0

    socrates0 Well-Known Member

    Try add a DNS entry
    eg: OpenDNS, Google, comodo etc


    & Google DNS
    Comodo DNS
  3. santuadhikary

    santuadhikary New Member

    Could you please let me know how is it possible in DHCP enabled wifi environment.
  4. smondal71

    smondal71 New Member

    Did you get a solution for the sameI have the same problem.I bought a new Samsung Quattro .My samsung quattro is connecting to office Wi-fi but at @ Home it is showing "saved & Scured" but not connecting ,also after some time it is showing "Authentication error occured".In Setting no IP address is showing so I assume it is not connected at all and DNS setting wont help.Surprisingly although the wi-fi sign is also not showing while it is attempting to connect @ home Wi-Fi.Other devices/Smartphones are getting connected with the same credentials so the credentials are correct.Surprisingly it is connecting seamlessly in Office-Wi Fi without any issues
    Please help
  5. yacoob_f

    yacoob_f New Member

    did u guys find any solution for this...... as i am having the same problem with my quatro at home only......
  6. guidefortech

    guidefortech New Member

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