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Wifi Disconnecting ConstantlySupport

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  1. Amanda100100

    Amanda100100 New Member

    Hi There

    I actually have an Optimus P970, but I cannot find a thread here related to the device.

    Wondering if anyone has had a similar issue with their LG mobile.

    I am having trouble staying connected to my wifi in work. I have been successful in connecting to my home router and connects just fine, seems to be my work router. When I try to connect it just says "sanning" then "disconnected". The only way it connects is if I forget the network, turn the wifi off then on again, then enter the security key for my works router and it connects for a time then disconnect again after about 5minutes.

    I previously had an iPhone 3gs and once I had connected to the same router first time with this mobile I had no issues thereafter and always connected to the network automatically when in range of it. So I am assuming it is my mobile that has the issue as everyone elses laptops and mobile work just fine with it.

    I am not sure if there must be some setting in my phone I need to adapt in order to stay connected to this device, if any one can help it would be greatly apprecieated.

    Thank you


  2. eblywheat

    eblywheat Member

    Hi, I had exactly the same problem, i THINK mine is solved and i hope this is how..

    If you go on settings > Wireless and networks > wifi settings and then press press the bottom left button on the phone to bring up 'scan and advanced' > advanced > wifi sleep policy > never

    I hope this helps :)
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  3. Amanda100100

    Amanda100100 New Member

    I have tried that and it seems to have worked for a while then it just disconnected again! Grrrrr Thanks for reply anyway :)
  4. HamedM

    HamedM New Member

    I second that.

    I have the exact same phone with the exact same problem.

    After a little while, Wifi disconnects. :-/

    Could you find any solution?

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