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Wifi disconnecting taking FOREVER?Support

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  1. bubblepopper

    bubblepopper New Member

    Okay so I had the phone for about a month, and I would use the wifi to connect to my home internet. I would connect the wifi and disconnect when I'm done (to save my internet usage). But last night, when I disconnected, it still isn't disconnected this morning. It's loading but it seems to be taking forever, because I've waited for half a day. Also, I can't click the 'Wi-fi settings', it won't load and I end up having to force quit. I tried clicking the Wi-fi to see if I could stop it from turning off. The Wi-fi underneath says 'Turning off...' but it isn't turning off. Also, sometimes when I click 'Settings' I'll have to force quit because it won't load and I have to click it again.

    Please help! I don't know what to do, how do I fix my wi-fi?

  2. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Android devices are known for this. Try restarting your phone with wifi still enabled. If that doesn't with get wifi fixer from the Google play store.
  3. falelatai

    falelatai New Member

    hey guys, new to this so hopefully i've placed this in the right forum, for some reason I can't access the playstore because it says i have to be loggin in which I am and I've got my email open all the time. When it says I have to be logged in to access the store i click on settings and check that my gmail is the account used and it is. Also my talk is signed in. Don't know what to do as I can't update my apps because playstore won't open "authentication is required. You need to sign in to your google account", is the error message that keeps popping up.
    please help

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