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Wifi DNS

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  1. Blackbrawler

    Blackbrawler Well-Known Member

    i know there have been multiple threads on thsi but none seem to solve the problem.

    I use a public dns for my internet connection

    So when i connect devices to my router i need to put in the dns but for the droid i dont have that option.
    Advanced settings in wi fi doesn't seem to work.
    Is there something i need to be doing?

  2. GreyMouser

    GreyMouser Well-Known Member

    Any reason you're not advertising those addresses in your router's DHCP settings?

    For that matter, most home cable/dsl routers do DNS forwarding; set the router as your DNS server, and it should relay.

    Anyway, you can set your static address in the Advanced settings; not sure why it's not working correctly. I just tested it, and it works fine for me on my own home network.
  3. Blackbrawler

    Blackbrawler Well-Known Member

    i dont understand what you meant in that first question.

    And what do you mean by my static address
    or something else?

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