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  1. JamiNycole

    JamiNycole New Member

    My phone keeps saying :: Error Code 67. Unable to establish wireless data connection.

    I dio what it says to do wich is update profile... but that doesnt fix it. When I go to wifi and wireless networks... the wifi box is unchecked and says error. What does it mean and what can I do?? My house internet works fine as well, but my ohne no longer has service. I just need it for internet. :confused:

  2. Shengxin

    Shengxin Well-Known Member

    Did you have your WIFI setup correctly on your phone? If your wireless router requires a key/password, you need to add this to your WIFI setup accordingly. Or if your wireless router only allows certain MAC addresses to access it (MAC filtering enabled), you need to add the MAC address of your phone to the allowed list of your router as well.

    If you have a laptop using the wireless connection, you can recall what you have done there then apply similar changes to your phone. Basically it is the same thing.

    Hope this helps.
  3. checkers

    checkers Active Member

    You are trying it seems to turn on your hotspot ( which is for teathering you phone to another device ) unless you pay for it you will get that error. I use Foxfi app from the market for that purpose. Hope this helps.
  4. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    Yes, it sounds like you are trying to turn on the WiFi hotspot (perhaps through some app on your phone), not WiFi. Just to be sure, from the home screen press the settings button, then go to settings, Wi-Fi settings (to set up you connections) and back to Wi-Fi where you'll check the box to turn it on. There are plenty of apps (like quicksettings) and widgets that will let you turn on and manage WiFi with fewer button clicks.
  5. IceFire

    IceFire New Member

    I have the same issue and the issue keeps being misunderstood all over the web. There is no service o the phone so no downloading is available. I want to use it as I do my ally. As long as a Wi-Fi connection is available I can turn my ally Wi-Fi on and it don't need service. My optimus says error soon as I try to use it. Is there a fix to this?
  6. saltyfishnuts

    saltyfishnuts New Member

    I was getting an error while my Optimus was inactive while I was trying to update it before switching back. Had options of Retry or Cancel I think but didn't matter what you hit the message came back up after a few seconds. To get it to stop, hit Cancel each time it pops up, then go to Settings>Wireless & networks>Mobile networks and uncheck Data Enabled. Allowed me to connect to wifi after and grab the OTA update and update/download apps via Market

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