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  1. fleshwound250

    fleshwound250 New Member

    Hi, I searched the forum for a similar problem but have not found and answer yet.

    First off , I would like to say that I don't have a data plan as I don't need it, I only rely on wifi to get data.

    At first I think the wifi was working great. But after I upgraded to gingerbread my wifi will stop working after maybe 2 minutes. If the phone is not sleeping I can go to wireless settings only to find that under WiFi it says : error. I cannot turn it on again. If I press the power button my screen becomes black and won't turn back on until I remove my battery and start the phone back again.

    This is very annoying. Does anybody knows what I could do to fix the problem ? I tried using Fix my Wifi app and did a reset to factory settings.

  2. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    See the threads on "black screen" or "screen issues".

    Your options:
    1. live with it and hope that LG fixes it
    2. if under warranty, exchange the phone and do not update to 2.3.3 until LG fixes it
    3. Try rooting and joining that root group who are trying to fix the problem(s).

    I have opted for option 2.
  3. fleshwound250

    fleshwound250 New Member

    Yeah ... sorry I found out today that I didn't check the black screens topic ... thinking that it was another issue then the one I have. Sucks I just want the phone the way it was before.
  4. warrenzo

    warrenzo Member

    I can relate to this problem. It seemed after going into the wifi settings and checking the "turn off wifi while asleep" or something to that effect, it really helped out the problem. I can't really garuntee though, cause a few days after, my phone was totally botched...

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