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  1. TheSyN

    TheSyN New Member


    My Galaxy fit is running android 2.2.1 and i have a little problem with the WiFi.
    When i connect to wifi in works perfectlyy but if i disconnect and then try to connect again it just sais Error and the wifi dose not turn on. The problem is always fixed with a phone reboot. I would like to know if this problem can be solved or if it happened to somebody else.

  2. techlearn

    techlearn Well-Known Member

    many of us face this problem...whenever u face this problem just write this code
    Code (Text):
    1. *#*#526#*#*
    in dial pad, this will work.
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  3. TheSyN

    TheSyN New Member

    Thanks for the answer, the code works but it when i dial it after receiveing the error is says that drivers could not be loaded and again i have to restart the phone
  4. junkybits

    junkybits New Member

    So glad I found this answer! Tried it and it worked and I've turned the WiFi off and back on again twice with no problem. Thank you :)
  5. techlearn

    techlearn Well-Known Member

    @junkybits and @TheSyN welcome guys :)

    @thesyn: i never faced this problem, maybe it just occurred for once, if you see this problem again i would suggest you should take your mobile to the samsung service center.
  6. neil.richard

    neil.richard Member

    hey guyz im also facing the same problem!
    dont expect any help from.the company !
    I gave my phone for this wifi fix , they kept it for a day and when i came to take it ,they said that it was repaired !
    but jst aftr a few days the problem started again! and still im facing it!!!
  7. noob_2.0

    noob_2.0 New Member

    hi techlearn,

    thanks for the assist. i've been doing your wifi driver reload for quite some time now and it used to work. now it just reloads successfully but isn't able to find a network afterwards. in effect i have to reboot my phone just the same.

    got any suggestions?
  8. kunalkk

    kunalkk New Member

    i tried the code you mentioned while i was facing the same problem, but it show driver loading unsuccessful and my phone automatically rebooted.
  9. nelly02

    nelly02 New Member

    I have had the same problem, put in code but unsuccessful, tried another code but it was unsuccessful too. HELP please

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