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  1. Sle7en

    Sle7en New Member

    I am having trouble with the Wifi on my vitality. When moving from place to place I like to turn the Wifi off so my phone isnt constantly searching for an open network. The problem is that when I attempt to turn it back on with the Power Control Widget or from the Settings menu it tells me there is a "WIFI ERROR" in the settings menu and that is all. Then only way to fix this that I have found so far is to reboot the phone. Is anyone else having this problem or no a way to fix it?

  2. charssun

    charssun Well-Known Member

    Have you modded your Vitality?
  3. smokinjoe2122

    smokinjoe2122 Well-Known Member

    I got this issue too, but a simple reboot tends to fix it. I had it happen once, but it hasn't happened again.

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