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  1. KJMach

    KJMach New Member

    Recently got the HTC Aria. It will flawlessy connect to wifi at my job, and at my freinds house with no issues at all. at home however it wont. my network comes up (even now open) i push connect and it acts like it wants to connect in the manager, but then wifi just says "disconnected" under wifi status.

    my router is currently running my wireless laptop with no issues, the router is a Netgear WGR614V9 updated to latested firmware which did nothing. Ive searched google for days trying to figure out something but nothing has happened. can anyone give me some help?? id really like to have wifi at home!

  2. toiday

    toiday Well-Known Member

    Do you remember if the router is set up to only accepting connection from a list of Mac address? You may need to add the Mac address of your Aria to the router.

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