Wifi Hotspot DLNA sharing to media player ?

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  1. NX3

    NX3 Well-Known Member

    I'm using a WDTV media player to connect to by HTC wifi hotspot to access the internet. I'd like to be able to share photos from my phone but none of the DLNA software lets you do this in hotspot mode.

    Does anyone know of software that would let me share to the media player ?

    Or an alternative way to get photos to the media box from my phone ? USB mounting doesn't work on the phone to the WDTV. This setup has no router which is why the phone is the internet access point when in hotspot mode.

  2. uerecords

    uerecords New Member

    I too am trying to do this so that I can use my phone (galaxy s3) as a storage device for movies which i can then watch in the car on my ipad 3 and/or galaxy tab 2 when i am not on a wifi.

    I have made it work but only when using 3 devices, my phone as a dlna server (i used imediashare), my ipad (running AirVideo i think) and another old android phone (htc desire hd) as a hotspot which both the server and the client attach to.

    The s3 has hotspot and media server settings. The media server settings make file sharing possible over wifi. However, as soon as a hotspot is enabled, file sharing is automatically turned off because the phone is no longer connected to wifi.

    Therefore, im looking for an app that both turns on the dlna file sharing and allows that to happen without a wifi connection. I realise that this is a security issue. Alternatively, im looking for an app which turns on both file sharing and hotspot.

    Does anyone know of such an app or way to achieve this with only two devices?

  3. What is hot spot mode?

    Isn't samsung AllShare allow to do it?
  4. I were looking over description of different DLNA application, and I remember that in the feature of one of them. I will try to find it...

    Here it is:
    - Access Point mode support (portable Wi-Fi spot)
    It is ArkMC application. I have not tried it yet. You can try free version.

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