WiFi Hotspot in 2.2

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  1. Beach Pirate

    Beach Pirate New Member

    I was under the impression that when Android 2.2 was released and upgraded the Droid there would be an included WiFi Tether app to create a mobile hotspot on the device. However, since I received the update, I've yet to be able to find the app.

    Was there not an included app in the upgrade?

    Is there an app in the Market that will suffice that will not require the Droid to be rooted?

    Is a rooted Droid with Android 2.2 the only way to have a WiFi Tether app run successfully on the Droid?

    Thanks for you help!

  2. gnath9

    gnath9 Well-Known Member

    on the original Droid ... root is the only way for wifi tether. The good part is its free !!!
    The Droid2 has the option for 20 bucks per month.
  3. Amrov

    Amrov Well-Known Member

    I rooted yesterday primarily to gain this functionality. Rooting is super-easy now, does not require flashing any custom ROMS (but does allow it if you want), is free (and easily reversible if needed), and the wifi tether works like a charm.

    If you haven't seen this thread on rooting for 2.2, you may want to check it out. http://androidforums.com/all-things-root-droid/150660-howto-my-guide-rooting-romming-beginner.html

    I've wanted the wifi tethering for a long while and I'm thrilled to have it now -- works great with my iPad!
  4. dvmweb1984

    dvmweb1984 Member

    Just finished up today. So far that is only reason I "rooted" my Droid. It works for the wifi tether. We live in a rural area, and my Droid is my internet connection. I want to get an iPad wifi and use my Droid for my at home internet connection. Thanks all for the help.

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