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WiFi Hotspot password

  1. GaryBC

    GaryBC Member

    Hi guys

    From time to time I use my HTC Desire as a WiFi hotspot and connect my laptop to the web that way.

    How do I change the factory set password to something more personal and secure? (I'd like to change the "Router Name (SSID)" to something more personal too - but that's not so important to me.)

    In the WiFi security settings page I find the current password. I overtype it with a secure one but there's no "save" option. Hitting the 'back' button doesn't save my changes as, next time I look, it's gone back to the factory setting.



  2. Griff_LI

    Griff_LI Well-Known Member

    I'd guess it varies depending on what version of Android you're running. I've got Gingerbread installed (dGB) and for me it's in Settings->Wireless and Networks->Tethering and Portable hotspot->Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings->Configure Wi-Fi Hotspot

    I can't imagine it being anywhere but the Wi-Fi setting somewhere.

    Oh, I see you've found the setting, how do you know it's reverting if you always over-type it ?

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