WIFI Hotspot Tether for rooted ZTE AweSupport

  1. afruscione

    afruscione Member

    I have just bought and rooted a new ZTE Awe from Virgin Mobile (have the $25 old plan ... like everyone else!)
    Still has the stock ROM and I do not plan to change it.
    I have been searching for a good guide regarding a stable and reliable app for internet broadcasting.
    It used to work flawlessly with the Optimus V!

    I am finding lots of bits and pieces and suggestions for apps and settings that sort of work, but then they stop, etc.
    Since this is not a new phone I am hoping that someone with a good setup that has been working for a while can help me here.
    Thank you!

  2. afruscione

    afruscione Member

    Well, after researching a bit more I decided to buy WiFi Tether Router from the Play Store.
    It works beautifully and the support is great. Well worth the $2.50 it now costs. Thanks JimReid

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